Rethinking Politics for the Knowledge Society Vol. II

Nicu Gavriluță
Irina Frasin
Codrin Dinu Vasiliu
Anul aparitiei

The papers gathered in this issue have been presented within the international conference “Rethinking the Politics for the Knowledge Society”, organized by the Romanian Academy – Iaşi branch, as part of the POSDRU project 56815 Knowledge Based Society –- researches, debates, perspectives, financed by the European Union and the Romanian Government from the European Social Fund.

The conference took place in Iaşi, during November 30th – December 4th 2011, and was attended by over 120 persons who actively engaged in the following sessions:

  • Anthropology and Cultural Studies,
  • Economic Theories and Practices,
  • Epistemology and Philosophy of science,
  • Ethics,
  • Social and Political Philosophy,
  • Psychology and Educational Sciences.

The issue gathers papers presented within the following sessions:

  • Anthropology and Cultural Studies,
  • Psychology and Educational Sciences,
  • Economic Theories and Practices.

In accordance with the ideology of the conference, the studies reunited here would like to demonstrate the fact that: “An authentic knowledge society cannot be conceived in the absence of an equitable politics of knowledge. But what are the demands of an equitable and efficient politics of knowledge? How can the present societies be changed in order to fulfill as much as possible these demands? What are the fundamental factors influencing the efficient implementation of these transformations? These questions are imperative for any specialist interested in the issues of the knowledge society” (

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